Paul Vickerselection270Candidate Name: Paul Vickers

Position Sought: Councillor




Paul was born and raised on the family dairy farm in Griersville. Paul attended elementary, middle, and high school in Meaford where he graduated from GBSS in 1984.

He then attended the University of Guelph where he earned a diploma in Agriculture. During his time there he sat on the college’s board as his class representative. After college, Paul returned to the family farm to work along side his parents and took over full responsibility of the operation in 1988, since then has worked hard to optimize the size and efficiency of the farm. Paul and his wife Karen of 27 years live on the family farm where they raised their four children.

Paul has always had an interest in leadership and became a director with Gay Lea Foods (GLF) in 2001 where he chaired the Audit and Governance committees, and then stepped into the role of Chair of the Board.

Paul enjoys being active in sports and outdoor activities, and has hiked in Nepal and climbed Machu Picchu with his children. He also enjoys travelling and has been to every province expect Newfoundland, and has travelled to India twice once with Advanced Agriculture Leadership Program and once with GLF.

Why I am running for Meaford council:

I am looking to seek election for the Meaford Council, being born and raised in the Muncipality of Meaford I have a passion to see the betterment and continual improvement for the future of Meaford. Another reason I am looking to seek election is because I have always been interested in all types politics and leadership. With the agriculture sector and rural development being a significant portion of the municipality, I feel my knowledge and experience in these sectors would be an asset to the council. 

My Top Priorities if Elected to the New Council:

I believe the top priorities for Meaford Council should be

1: To select a new CEO

2: To make sure the town runs an efficient and cost effective budget

3: To serve the needs of the residents within the municipality

My Involvement in the Community Over the Past Four Years:

Over the last four years I have been involved with Georgian Shores Minor Hockey, helping coach my son and daughter’s teams. As I have been heavily involved with being the Chair of Gay Lea Foods I have not been as actively involved in the community. Prior to my commitment with Gay Lea I was involved in the Grey County Holstein Association, Meaford Amateur Athletic Association and was a founding member of the Girls Georgian Shores hockey teams.

The Role of Councillor as I See it:

The role of a Councillor is to listen to the needs and concerns of the residents, then work with the full council to set the direction of the municipality. We would then let the staff implement the steps required to achieve the direction in a timely and cost effective manner. 

The Skills I Will Bring to Council:

A skill that I would bring to the Council would be the willingness to listen to all comments brought forward to the table. As well, I have the ability to take the best from all suggestions that will help set the direction for the municipality. I have also graduated from the Advance Agriculture Leadership Program which has allowed me to become a better leader and become more aware of how best to work with others and be successful in collaboration. With the experience I have gained through Gay Lea Foods, I understand how the process of a governing body works. Through my travel experiences, I have had the opportunity to see many different parts of the world, which has expanded my knowledge of different types of government and I have seen and learned what makes a successful or unsuccessful government.