Meaford Council News

2018 Deputy Mayoral Candidate Profile: Shirley Keaveney

keaveney election270Candidate Name: Shirley Keaveney

Position Sought: Deputy Mayor

Email: or

Phone: (519)373-7652


Shirley Keaveney has deep roots in this community through growing up on a dairy farm in St Vincent Township, operating a business (DQ) in Meaford for 33 years, raising two sons here, volunteering extensively for many years and being elected in 2014 as a municipal councillor.

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2018 Mayoral Candidate Profile: Barb Clumpus

BARB CLUMPUS election270Candidate Name: Barb Clumpus (I)

Position sought: Mayor


Phone: home: (519)538-3345 or cell: (519)477-3345


After losing our home in rural Sudbury to a fire, my husband, Dr. Frank Clumpus, and I searched far and wide for a new home. The features in Meaford that excited us were: Georgian Bay with a beautiful harbour, access to many sports, arts and culture, trails and hills for recreation.

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