Losing It

CameronBurechails2016 270Life is funny. When we are younger, we all want to be older.

Old enough to drive, old enough to be legal in bars and restaurants, and old enough to be out on our own to live a more independent life.

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Every Day is a New Day

CameronBurechails2016 270The game of golf is the closest game that I know of to the game of life. Every day you wake up, you get dressed, organize yourself, have something to eat and get ready to head off for work. You usually don’t know how your day will go or what you might be up against but you head out with optimism and enthusiasm, nonetheless. Some days the sun shines and other days the wind blows in your face and you may have to endure a storm or two, and some days life is a just “a walk in the park”!

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Weather Cooperates For BrokerLink Lawn Bowling Tournament

2017brokerlink lawn bowling tournament270It's been a soggy start to the season for the Meaford Lawn Bowling Club, but Tuesday, August 1, could not have been more perfect weather for the players at this year's BrokerLink Lawn Bowling Tournament.

Not only was the weather perfect but so was the wonderful lunch provided by Audrey Dobie and her helpers Alana Warwick and Jeanne Burch,” said organizers.

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