Feeling Good About Your Game

CameronBurechails2016 270In sports, as in life, when you feel good, good things just seem to happen.

If you feel good about your golf game then both your confidence and your scoring will improve.

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My Golf 'Bucket List'

CameronBurechails2016 270I never really thought about creating a 'bucket list' until I reached the age of 50. We often spend much of our time looking back and reflecting and not very much time looking ahead in our lives.

In 2008, when I no longer could say that I was 49, I crossed off the first item on my personal bucket list. I decided to face my fear of heights by jumping out of an airplane. Yes, I did have a parachute and no, I did not jump in tandem with another person. The experience was amazing and I no longer have a fear of heights.

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