Golf – Fun & Games

CameronBurechails2016 270Golf is a game that will test not only your skill level but also your patience. Sometimes we tend to take the game a little too seriously. A little friendly competition is always good, but not very enjoyable when golfers of different skill levels play a round together.

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Meaford Golfer Scores a Hole-In-One!

shawholein1 270On Tuesday July 12th The Meaford Senior Men's Golf League played their regular weekly game at the Meaford Golf and Country Club.  It was a warm morning, the air heavy with summer humidity.

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Achieving Consistent Ball Flight

CameronBurechails2016 270The key to posting lower scores this season lies in your ability to both understand and control your ball flight. Many golfers hit the ball without any idea of which direction the ball might be going.

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